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Basketweave Suri Alpaca Scarf

Basketweave Suri Alpaca Scarf

An American-grown alpaca classic, the Basketweave Suri Alpaca Scarf combines a classic basketweave pattern with a detailed scarf design. Unisex design looks great on men, too!


This scarf is made using Suri Alpaca blend yarn, showcasing Suri fiber's natural luster and beautiful drape, and is long enough to be wrapped in a multitude of ways around the neck.


The combination of the knit pattern and the yarn creates a scarf with dynamic texture that is soft, silky, and luxurious to the touch.


In Naturally Colored Espresso Brown.


Materials: 60% U.S. Suri Alpaca, 40% Nylon


Size: Measures 8" wide x 60" in length


Care: Hand wash in room temp water with light detergent or unscented baby shampoo. Roll in towel to absorb most water, then air dry.


    Color: Natural Espresso Brown
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